Office Services

Printing | VOIP Phone | Computer Access | Internet Access | Stationary | Secretarial Services | Meetings | Boardroom Facilities | Courier Services | Binding and Laminating

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Computer Services and Sales

Lonehill Computers uses the space for sales and as a drop-off and collection point for their 24 hour best effort upgrade and repair service. Urgent repairs done remotely.

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Legal and Mediation Services

Mediation Solutions is part of HBC family and deals with disputes business and in personal life situations. Business-, Debt- and Maintenance Disputes and conflict resolutions.

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Admin Service

Accounting | Marketing | Digital Marketing | Debt Collection

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Meeting Spaces

Out-Door Meeting

Have a quick casual meeting outside with your own clients. Enjoy a cup of coffee between completing that all important presentation or spreadsheet.

Meeting Spaces

10 Seater Boardroom

Needing a more private meeting? Boardroom is available to book and can seat up to 10 people. Space can be used for strategy sessions or mini conferences. Projector | White Board and Video Conference available.


5 Workstations Dedicated to members with VOIP Phone access, printing, internet usage. Additional 3 workstations allocated to walk-in clients. Windows 10 and Office 365 access for easy document access

Let us give you a hand.

 Take charge of what is really important in your business and let us handle the rest. Send a package, print letters, scan documents, prepare meeting packs, take your calls because you are meeting clients on the Golf Course… Done! Clients dont need to know everything.

How it started

The first ever one stop – all in one – office service in Hartbeespoort.

Tanya was already using the space that is now know as Harties Business Center or HBC. A visit to te office and seeing the potential made all partners realise that it was time to luanch a multi service business center in town. The idea grew from a couple of services to a one stop – all in one business centre.

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Our Awesome Team

Our team is made up of people that wants to be there for you and your business at every corner and every situation. Always friendly and always ready to help.

Bianca Botha


Bianca has been in retail businesses before and has a great mindset and plans for the business centre going forward. She invents and implements new ides and services for HBC.

Tanya Steynfaart


Tanya is a successful business woman and knows what it takes to move your business forward. She also runs Mediation Solutions and SJS Admin Service from the same premises.


Office Admin | Reception

Enny is in many ways the face of the business centre and is the face of your business. Being the receptionist for all clients she is of vital importance to all companies.


Sales Assistant

Sharon assists the team with all services offered, and will many times be the person that walk-in clientele will have to deal with. She is also involved with the marketing side of the business centre.

Latest News

See what has been happening at the HBC. Welcome our new members, see some photo events and read up about new services that we offer. Here is always something News Worthy.

A Grand Opening

Tonight we will entertain the public for the first time. What is set to be a great evening, the team has managed to scrape together some more energy and readied[…] Read more

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Business Packages

Join as a member and receive up to 40% discounts on a number of services. Other bundled packages offer even more discounts.


Starting up, being unsure if your your dream turned occupation will be the huge success it was when it kept you up at night. Your dream needs space and time to grow, why risk it by having expenses that are unnecessary. Do the most you can with the time it takes to make it. Pay for what you need at that moment. Join the Harties Business Centre membership plan and enjoy greatly discounted prices.


60c per minute Computer/Internet usage
A4 R0.60 B/W and R3.20 Colour printing
A3 R3.00 B/W and R7.50 Colour printing
Boardroom @ R150 per hour

Manager Package

The Manager package is configured for those that need to spend time on the road. The road warrior that attends to clients need and knows the value of – “customer comes first”. Even client dedicated business people need to have some administration time. Flexibility is key with this package that gives you everything you need to accomplish the administration side of your business for one fixed monthly fee. Book your workspace in advance and be sure to have your office ready for when you get there!


100 minutes phone credits
50 b/w and 50 colour A4 prints
10 b/w and 10 colour A3 prints
2 hour boardroom facility
5GB internet access
Bottomless coffee
2 Hours per day workspace in shared environment – reserved for your company.

CEO Package

As your business grows and the task of managing a team of employees gets more involved, more time and resources are needed. Taking a larger chunk of your valuable time. Spend the time in an environment that gives you just enough balance to focus on the day to day tasks and the long term goals of your business – growth.


200 minutes phone credits
150 b/w and 150 colour A4 prints
30 b/w and 30 colour A3 prints
4 hour boardroom facility
10GB internet access
Bottomless coffee
4 Hours per day workspace in shared environment – reserved for your company.

Chairman Package

Having made strides in your business success, and the pressures from the ever changing economic outlook looming. Rather have a plan that doesn’t involve huge agreements and airtight commitments or make a change to something more manageable. Having a dedicated office space that is ready when you are.


500 minutes phone credits
300 b/w and 300 colour A4 prints
50 b/w and 50 colour A3 prints
6 hour boardroom facility
20GB internet access
Bottomless coffee
6 Hours per day workspace in shared environment – reserved for your company.